Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Who is curator?
who is a good curator?
A good curator needs to be continuously alert and sense the slightest shifts in the ever moving trends and fashions of the art world and society as a whole. Combined with this, the curator needs critical thinking rooted in a broad general education.
Curate or Die seems to be the only possible future perspective. this is nice thought i read from my email newsletter of KW Institute for Contemporary Art. they are from Berlin, they have nice place on Auguststrase 69, and if you are interested in their work you can visit them virtually on their web site.
what is the deal of such powerful addressing to public, Curate or Die, work or starve, do something for others so you can survive. I always considered curators as parasites of artist, but we know the rules, let cook to cook and king to rule. I'm not to much into curators ideas of concept that need to come out of curators mind. I feel them as people that have not achieve any success in producing arts, neither in explaining them. But someone needs to sit in different kinds of organizations and try to make those organizations big and glamorous so all the artist would wish to lick those curators feet and have some fame during any kind of presentation in the system. Curators are usually people that live from save salary. There is no one trying to look over them and give them directions or kick their asses when those guys don't achieve nothing. We have no guidance what is good curator and who should live this title behind.
I do not wish to spread that curators should all live their work and start to grow potatoes to make some good on this planet, all i would like to share with you is that curators need more love and passion for art it self. Curator is translator from devine art and artist to the proud people interested in more knowledge than price of work. In any position i can not accept curator that is giving a concept for artist to raise, i believe there was not born curator smart enough to give curating concepts.
So the curator need to be well trained. Good curatorial skills can be developed by training. Beyond this, curators need to continuously educate themselves in their practice. There will always remain something else, something special in this work, which can be called the love of working, the love of art, humanism, responsibility, and the desire to go beyond the boundaries of established discourses.
Who are good curators that we should be proud of them? let me think, ... Do you have any idea?
At least curators job is well explained, you can read about Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job, Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook, Working Conditions are most interesting in curators day.. ok, sorry i became a bit cynic. I have seen many good exhibitions, and some good people working in art business, and they are great.
Curate or die just make me upset for few minutes, thanks for sharing the passion with me...